piStorm – experimental stuff wip-crap

Some documentation (at least of changes) can be found in the repo: https://github.com/beeanyew/pistorm/tree/wip-crap/

Get and build piStorm software (wip-crap tree)

mkdir -p /home/pi/bnu
cd /home/pi/bnu
git clone https://github.com/beeanyew/pistorm.git
cd pistorm
git checkout wip-crap
cd ..
mv pistorm ../pistorm-bnu

Expected output:

Update CPLD bitstream

Build the program to test access to chip RAM

cd pistorm-bnu
chmod +x ./build_buptest.sh

For EPM240

chmod +x nprog_240.sh
sudo ./nprog_240.sh

For EPM570

chmod +x nprog.sh
sudo ./nprog.sh

wip-crap-only feature configuration

By the merge of July 11 2021, main is up to date with wip-crap.

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