Oracle cloud – I lost my public IP

14 April 2022 a lot of Oracle Cloud users got an email stating their VM public IPs have been lost.

Read the easy step-by-step solution following the email below to get (new) public IPs for your virtual machines.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Cloud Network – Issue Identified impacting Public IPs
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Customer,

We have identified an issue affecting a subset of customers who have become unable to access their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

Customer Impact: Some customers with Free Tier accounts, using Ephemeral or Reserved Public IPs will be unable to access their resources due to the unintentional reclamation of the IPs associated with their Virtual Machines.

While we have taken steps to ensure no further impact occurs, any affected Public IPs will need to be re-established by reassigning a new Public IP through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, REST API, SDK CLI or other tools, as described in the following documentation:

If a preferred public IP is configured, the public IP assignment may still be reassigned subject to its availability.

Assign a new IPv4 address to your virtual machines:
1. Log in to Oracle Cloud (you have the URL somewhere in an email)
2. Find your machines (the listing), menu: compute / instances
2b. You might have to select the compartment where your VMs are located, even if you only have the ‘root’ compartment.
3. In the machine list, click the machine name.
4. Scoll down to the “Resources” section (at the left edge), click “Attached VNICs”.
5. In the VNIC list, click the name (Primary VNIC).
6. Scroll down to “Resources”, and click “IPv4 Addresses”.
7. At the right side of the window, click the three dots (which are hidden beneath the “Support” icon), then click “Edit” from the menu that pops up.
8. Click the “Ephemeral public IP” option, fill in an optional name, then click “Update”

Now, the remaining steps are updating DNS for stuff pointing to the servers (if you have any), and updating connections (SSH) to reflect the new IP.

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