Apollo Accelerators – Vampire

Apollo Core (68080)
Apollo Forum
Apollo Accelerators
Apollo Accelerators Wiki: Latest core (500, 600, 1200) | Installing Kickstarts
Vampire 500 V2: Part 1Part 2 (Epsilon’s Amiga Blog)
Checkmate A1500 Plus with Vampire 500V2 (Epsilon’s Amiga Blog)

The Complete Amiga 500 Vampire V500 V2+ Installation Guide (Amitopia)

My Vampire Card has arrived! (Lyonsden Blog)
Installing the Vampire V500 V2+ in my Amiga 500 (Lyonsden Blog)

AmiKit XE for Vampire V2 (AmiKit XE changelog)

majsta.com (Vampire PCB maker)
GOLD 3 Alpha
Quartus Prime (for flashing Vampire using USB Blaster)


Amiga Vampire CoffinOs – Quick setup and fun (Cotter’s Stuff)

Apollo Vampire – Emulation or Amiga AAA Salvation (Stephen Jones)

Episode 79 68080 Vampire install Amiga 2000 (Chris Edwards)

Amiga 500 Plus & Vampire 500 V2 + Follow Up (Dave’s Game Room)

8/16/2020 Demo of new Apollo OS with Manuel Jesus of Apollo Team, Tiny Bobble & EPIC Unboxing (Amiga Bill)

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