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Google search for 'kickstart+switch+27c160' (multiple kickstarts on the same EPROM)
Google search for 'multiple+amiga+kickstarts+on+eprom'

Amiga Info


Amiga hardware database, digitizers

New PCBs for Amiga models

Complete PCB Set for the Amiga 4000T

Amiga 4000T
A4000T PCB Info page

Mikes Retro Tech: shows new main board for the Amiga 2000

Amiga 500++, RetroManCave

John Hertell (Chucky)’s ReAmiga 3000

AA3000+ Amiga 3000 with AGA

Repair and hacks

Amiga PCB Explorer
Amiga 500 Keyboard Schematic
Amiga Schematics and Manuals
Amiga PSU guide and more
Amiga 500 PS/2 controller for external keyboard
1MB Chipminne i A500 (sv/en)

Hard drive controllers

Amiga GrandSlam SCSI controller (and related)
(IVS_SCSIpro.device or IVS_SCSI.device)

Trumpcard 500 AT

Trifecta 500 LX (SCSI + IDE combo)

Oktagon 2008

Memory expansion boards

Microbotics M-502 for Amiga 500 (512k SLOW or CHIP after mod) and Amiga 500+ (1MB CHIP)
This expansion uses the same RAM-chips as the later Amiga 500 models (rev. 6 and up) and harddrive controllers like the A2091 and A590: HM514256AP-10 (DIP-20 256kx4, 4 chips per 512k)
At the time of purchase I found these chips on utsource: HM514256AP-10

SupraRAM 500 RX as well as Trifecta 500LX and Oktagon 2008 above and Amiga 3000 uses TC514400Z-80 (ZIP-20 1Mx4, 4 chips per 2MB)
At the time of purchase I found these chips on eBay: 1PCS TC514400Z-80 ZIP-20 TOSHIBA 1,048,576 x 4 BIT DYNAMIC RAM

Golden Image RC-2000 with absolutely no identification text on the card uses 1Mx1 DIP-18 (16 needed per 2MB).
At the time of purchase I found these chips at Elgood OY / Partco in Finland: TARIC 81C1000-70

Testing the installed memory

There are some generic software based memory testers around for the Amiga. Just to name a few we have Amiga Test Kit and my own software (which runs from Workbench and an alternate version which runs from CLI: MemoryTest (Aminet: util/misc/MemoryTest.

Usually the memory expansion boards have a “test” jumper which disables autoconfig of RAM and allows that to be tested with the expansion specific tester included on the installation disk. These bootable disks are available at least for Supra 500RX, Oktagon and A590. Oktagon tests the RAM in 4MB chunks, so it will first say “4MB gefunden”, then “2MB gefunden” when it is done testing 4MB out of 6MB installed on the board.

CF card as replacement for hard drive

Preparing a CF-card using UAE for use on a real Amiga
Preparing a CF-card using UAE for use on a real Amiga
Creating an Amiga partition with the PFS3(AIO) file system

A500 replacement power supply

Amiga PSU guide and more
Commodore Amiga 500 full replacement Power Supply (DIY)
Power supply used above (discontinued):
Mean Well T40-B
Suitable power supplies for modification as above:
Mean Well RT-65B (5-8A on +5V)
Less suitable, won’t fit in the original plastic case:
RT-85B (8-10A on +5V)
Less suitable (needs constant load of 0.1A on -12v line, as the T40-B used in the modification)
Mean Well RT-50B (4-5A on +5V) || RPT-60B (4-4.4A on +5V) || RPT-75B (6-8A on +5V)

Using an ATX power supply with the Amiga

How to make an ATX Adapter for Amiga 500/600/1200 and Amiga 4000

Amiga 2000

Amiga stuff and much more (found it while searching for PSU info for the A2000 #Amgia2000) (Erwin Rol)
Replace the A2000 PSU With an ATX
Google search for 'testing+amiga+2000+power+supply+outside+the+computer'
Commodore Amiga 2000 PSU Upgrade
Amiga 2000 PAL REV4.5 Battery & 1MB ChipRAM Upgrade
Google search for 'amiga+2000+4.4+chip+ram'


Wico Command Control repair
Wico Retro gaming joysticks – Disassembly and Repair

Modern hardware for the Amiga

Amiga 34 report

New mechanical Amiga keyboard

Amiga keyboard types

Amiga keyboard with almost correct layout (smaller spacebar)
A project that preserves the uniqueness of the Amiga keyboard, PCB with Cherry MX switches, stl files for printing a full set of keycaps.
Github hekkelek/amiga-keyboard
Keycaps stl files for Cherry MX switches

Another keyboard with (100%) correct layout, PCB and integrated controller

Amiga-like PC keyboard

Building video by Jan Beta


TFxxx – Terrible Fire Hardware developed by Stephen Leary
TerribleFire GIT repository

For CD32
CD32 TF328 plus IDE cable and CF adapter With Riser [supaduper]
TF330: 030+64MB RAM+IDE, complete expansion for the CD32 [alenppc]
CD32 TF330 rev3 030/50mhz 64mb Fast ram IDE Accelerator [supaduper]

For Amiga 500
Warp 560 (68060@100MHz, 256MB RAM, RTG, Sound card and WiFi)
TF536: 030+64 MB+IDE internal expansion for the A500 [alenppc]

For Amiga 1200
Warp 1260 (68060@100MHz, 256MB RAM, RTG, Sound card and WiFi)

Fits many Amiga models
AmigaWarp (for Amiga 1200, 500, 4000 and 3000)
68EC020 TK – new A500/A1000/A2000 accelerator by Matze

Lukas Hartmann, VA2000 graphics card and the new ZZ9000

MNT ZZ9000 Amiga Graphics Accelerator + Network, USB
Dev74 blog

(Rabi Abbot)


Using a VGA monitor on the Amiga

15kHz compatible monitors

Signal converter

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