Amiga TOSEC, ADF, floppys and archiving in general

Floppy labels for Amiga OS and other software
(original site gone, link to copy)
GameBase Amiga 2.0 (EAB forum)
EAB file server (EAB forum)

Bamiga Sector One – The ADF collection


TOSEC forum
Google search – checking iso tosec without unpacking
SabreTools – DAT management tool with advanced editing and sorting features
Check if your .adf exists in TOSEC (uses steffest/ADF-reader and lclevy/ADFlib)

Extracting TOSEC archives

...-02/Collections# find . -type f -exec echo "rm '{}'" \; >cleanup
...-02/Collections# more cleanup
rm './C64CD'96/Commodore C64 - Collections - C64CD'96 (TOSEC-v2016-06-11_CM).zip'
rm './Tadpole/Commodore C64 - Collections - Tadpole (TOSEC-v2016-06-11_CM).zip'
rm './cleanup'
rm './Hornet/Commodore C64 - Collections - Hornet (TOSEC-v2014-10-01_CM).zip'
find . -type d -exec sh -c "cd '{}'; /opt/bin/unzip *zip" \;
sh ./cleanup

ROM-managers, how to check against TOSEC database

Why I don’t like RomVault (TOSEC Forum)
RomVault How To

Data preservation and forensics

Digital Archaeology and/or Forensics: Working with Floppy Disks from the 1980s
Born-Digital Bootcamp manual
EWF Tools


Getting started
BitCurator Quickstart
Releases on GitHub
ercm015 bitcurator accessioning disk images


KryoFlux home
KryoFlux support forum
Installing KryoFlux in Windows 8 / 10
IMG file to write to FDD
Stream backup quality of 3,5″ drives
The Archivist’s Guide to KryoFlux [review] [github]
Project KryoFlux (guide)
Floppy Disk Format Identifer Tool
How to convert Kryoflux Stream Image (raw) to .scp


Amiga Floppy readers

Using Arduino to read/write Amiga floppies


GoTek Floppy emulator (USB-stick)

Gotek manufacturer’s home
My Gotek page
GoTek SFR1M44-U100K USB Floppy Disk Emulator Review
Google search , SFR1M44-U100K + Amiga

Forum threads about GoTek and Amiga

EAB: FlashFloppy – new firmware for Gotek drives, open source
EAB: Gotek’s SELECTOR.ADF replacement
EAB: Best Gotek Firmware
EAB: Gotek Floppy emulators and Amiga computers now working together! 🙂
EAB: Gotek With HxC Firmware And File Selector – Truncation

FlashFloppy and related

Howto: flash a Gotek with no programmer
Keirf FlashFloppy
Keirf Disk-Utilities

GoTek with Cortex firmware

Transform the Gotek Floppy Emulator into an Amiga Floppy emulator
GOTEK Flashing (

GoTek with HxC2001 firmware

HxC Floppy Emulator download page (USB HxC Floppy Emulator)
Software store
HxC firmware for Gotek drive instructions
Create savedisk / Saving ADF/HFE on Gotek with HXC Firmware?
EAB: Gotek HxC and what to do?

Amiga ADF and file system info

The .ADF (Amiga Disk File) format FAQ
Amiga filesystems overview
Rob Northen – Amiga PDOS copy protection
Best way to archive Amiga floppies (
Amiga floppy imaging
EAB – Mounting ADF files on Amiga
ADFView – Accessing, creating and modifying content in AFDs on windows
adfExplorer: Import from and Export to Amiga Disk Files
Google search – Mount ADF on Linux
ADFScan – Virus scanner for ADF files

Floppy disk compression and transparent file compression

xDMS (decompress Amiga DMS disk files), multi-platform (Amiga, win, Linux, source)
How to get 980k on Amiga floppies (diskspare.device,
Google search – Amiga Nuke library
XPK libraries
XPK (NUKE, and other compression libraries) (part of Amiga FAQ)

Archiving and preserving contents of hard drives

Harddrive archiving:
I usually use ‘dd’ or ‘ddrescue’ on a Linux computer, with the Amiga harddrive attached.
Some controllers give you a byte-swapped image. Check with hexdump -C that the image is dumped with the bytes in correct order. For Amiga disks, it should start with “RDSK” and contain a readable manufacturer and model of the drive. If the bytes are in incorrect order, byteswap the whole image with the “swab” option to dd.

Copy all contents of an Amiga harddrive to a PC

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