Synology NAS – Those @eaDir folders

About those @eaDir folders taking space everywhere

Just a few forum and blog links

Synology official forum
@eaDir folders again [Nov 10 2015]
How to prevent @eaDir everywhere [Oct 04, 2008]
How to Delete & Prevent @eaDir Folders [May 16, 2014]
@eadir troublesome [May 07, 2013]
Synology NAS absolutely worthless to photographers, casual users for photo backups (indexing using 50% disk space) [Jan 09, 2019]

Synology Tips & Tricks
Disabling File Indexing on Default Media Folders
How to Find and Remove @eaDir Directories on Synology NAS

Reddit Synology
preventing @eaDir from being created

@eaDir folder in every shares directories. How to remove? [Jan 11, 2017]
Synology NAS and those pesky @eaDir folders
@eaDir synology [nl]
Disable indexing and generation of @eaDir directories on Synology NAS

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