Amiga TOSEC, ADF, floppys and archiving in general

Floppy labels for Amiga OS and other software
GameBase Amiga 2.0 (EAB forum)
EAB file server (EAB forum)

Bamiga Sector One – The ADF collection


TOSEC forum
Google search – checking iso tosec without unpacking
SabreTools – DAT management tool with advanced editing and sorting features
Check if your .adf exists in TOSEC (uses steffest/ADF-reader and lclevy/ADFlib)

Extracting TOSEC archives

...-02/Collections# find . -type f -exec echo "rm '{}'" \; >cleanup
...-02/Collections# more cleanup
rm './C64CD'96/Commodore C64 - Collections - C64CD'96 (TOSEC-v2016-06-11_CM).zip'
rm './Tadpole/Commodore C64 - Collections - Tadpole (TOSEC-v2016-06-11_CM).zip'
rm './cleanup'
rm './Hornet/Commodore C64 - Collections - Hornet (TOSEC-v2014-10-01_CM).zip'
find . -type d -exec sh -c "cd '{}'; /opt/bin/unzip *zip" \;
sh ./cleanup

Data preservation and forensics

Digital Archaeology and/or Forensics: Working with Floppy Disks from the 1980s
Born-Digital Bootcamp manual
EWF Tools


Getting started
BitCurator Quickstart
Releases on GitHub
ercm015 bitcurator accessioning disk images


KryoFlux home
KryoFlux support forum
Installing KryoFlux in Windows 8 / 10
IMG file to write to FDD
The Archivist’s Guide to KryoFlux
Project KryoFlux (guide)
Floppy Disk Format Identifer Tool


Amiga Floppy readers

Using Arduino to read/write Amiga floppies


GoTek Floppy emulator (USB-stick)

Gotek manufacturer’s home
My Gotek page
GoTek SFR1M44-U100K USB Floppy Disk Emulator Review
Google search , SFR1M44-U100K + Amiga

Forum threads about GoTek and Amiga

EAB: FlashFloppy – new firmware for Gotek drives, open source
EAB: Gotek’s SELECTOR.ADF replacement
EAB: Best Gotek Firmware
EAB: Gotek Floppy emulators and Amiga computers now working together! 🙂

FlashFloppy and related

Howto: flash a Gotek with no programmer
Keirf FlashFloppy
Keirf Disk-Utilities

GoTek with Cortex firmware

Transform the Gotek Floppy Emulator into an Amiga Floppy emulator
GOTEK Flashing (

GoTek with HxC2001 firmware

HxC Floppy Emulator download page (USB HxC Floppy Emulator)
Software store
HxC firmware for Gotek drive instructions
Create savedisk / Saving ADF/HFE on Gotek with HXC Firmware?

Amiga ADF and file system info

The .ADF (Amiga Disk File) format FAQ
Amiga filesystems overview
Rob Northen – Amiga PDOS copy protection
Best way to archive Amiga floppies (
Amiga floppy imaging
EAB – Mounting ADF files on Amiga
ADFView – Accessing, creating and modifying content in AFDs on windows
adfExplorer: Import from and Export to Amiga Disk Files
Google search – Mount ADF on Linux

Floppy disk compression and transparent file compression

xDMS (decompress Amiga DMS disk files), multi-platform (Amiga, win, Linux, source)
How to get 980k on Amiga floppies
Google search – Amiga Nuke library
XPK libraries
XPK (NUKE, and other compression libraries) (part of Amiga FAQ)

Archiving and preserving contents of hard drives

Harddrive archiving:
I usually use ‘dd’ or ‘ddrescue’ on a Linux computer, with the Amiga harddrive attached.

Copy all contents of an Amiga harddrive to a PC

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